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I am very committed to education!!!!

Awards received include:

  • Life Oak Cliff High School Teacher of the Year Award
  • Life School District Teacher of the Year Award
  • Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce Teacher of the Year Award, and 
  • Texas Charter Schools Association Teacher of the Year Award. 

I am a parent. I am a teacher. I am a high school administrator. I am a math tutor. I am (also) a past recent student.

As a parent:

I have nine children and I have been actively involved in their education. I have encouraged all of my children to get the most that they can from their education. This means that I have instilled in them an awareness of the importance of learning to reach their life goals. 

I will use my experiences with my children and their different personalities to make sure all types of parents are considered in SBOE decisions.

As a teacher:

I have taught mathematics in grades 5-12, as well as College Courses for the last fifteen years. The difference in the grades gives me insight about the relationships between elementary and secondary students. I will use this knowledge to ensure that the impact of each SBOE decision will also include a teacher’s perspective.

As a high school administrator:

I have served, and currently am serving, as the mathematics department chair. This position allows me to understand education from outside the classroom. I will make sure that not only dollar amounts are considered in SBOE administrator decisions, and that the dollar does not outweigh educational results.

As a math tutor:

I have tutored students that experience difficulty passing mandatory state assessments (tests). This enlightens me as to what students with learning disabilities need to be successful. I will also use this tutor knowledge to make sure that learning-disabled students’ needs/concerns are considered in all SBOE decisions.

As a past, recent student:

I recently completed my Educational Doctorate. I have first-hand knowledge of many of the obstacles that students face in receiving a quality education. I will use my student experiences to make sure all learners receive the best considerations in all SBOE decisions.

These social roles allow me to view education from many angles. This enables me to make educational decisions that assist everyone in State Board of Education District 13. My purpose is to make sure all students benefit from SBOE decisions.

Why Vote 4 Me


I am an advocate for all students!

I will ensure that new established educational policies regard students’ learning needs and academic goals. 

I will provide leadership in setting relevant standards for educational programs.

I will guide Texas public schools in paving the way for future educational success.

I will help validate instructional material adoptions for our students to receive the best education possible.

I will make certain that the state of Texas’ instructional knowledge and skills include all necessary curriculum.


I believe any student can be a successful learner. It is up to educators to help students reach their highest potential. This tenacious attitude allows me to move beyond the ‘norm’ and facilitate student achievement. 

With this same tenacious attitude, I can help students all over Texas as the State Board of Education representative for District 13. 

I will be a voice for student rights.


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I Want to Hear From You!

  • Every American voter needs someone that will listen to their thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns. 
  • They also need to know that these same thoughts, ideas, and/or concerns will be considered by their elected official. I will be that type of elected official. Let’s work together to improve Texas education!
  • Email me your name and address so we can communicate, now and after the election at russell4you@yahoo.com

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